In Home Boarding

Operating out of our home, we are able to provide a quiet and stress-free environment where your dog lives like our own pets do; in our home with us. Skip the crowded and impersonal traditional boarding kennel and let your pup feel right at home here with us.


$35/night and

$25/night for each additional dog. 

This covers all basic care, and medical if needed (pills, injections, etc..), and of course all the luvin we can provide!

We currently only have space for 2 dogs, however; if all dogs are coming from the same home we will be willing to take more.

Additional services

While your dog is staying with us, why not give them a little extra pampering!

$5   Nail Trimming

$5   Brushing

$10 Bath

We also provide extra treats!

$5 Kong/each provided mid day.

The Kongs will be filled with fruits, vegetables, peanutbutter, or cheese. During the summer they will also be frozen with water to provide our furry friends with a nice refreshing treat!

Want a different type of treat? Just ask!

What should I bring?

We ask that you provide enough of your pets food to last the duration of their stay. We will feed once, twice, or three times a day as desired, however, due to other dogs being in the home, we will not be able to allow grazing/free feeding.

In order to make your little guy/gal feel more at home, we encourage you to bring anything that would make them feel more comfortable. Wether it is their crate, bed, favourite blanket or toy, or just a piece of warn clothing that has your scent on it.