I will be the first to admit; daycare is not for every dog. For those that do well in it however, it can do wonders for both the dog and owner! As well as improve the relationship between the two!

For this reason we are offering the first daycare visit FREE. If your dog is having issues with the daycare, or overly stressed by it, a safe space will be provided for them until your return. When you return to pick them up, I will provide an update, and recommendation on how your dog faired, and if future visits are a good idea.

Our goal is to provide a fun and relaxed play environment for your dogs!

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Top 10 Reasons To Put Your Dog In Doggie Daycare


$0   First Visit

$25 each additional visit

Buy 5 days get 2 free! They don't need to be consecutive, and no expiry!

1 New dog a day

For the comfort and safety of both your dog and the others, we will be taking only one new dog a day(more if from the same home) This is to allow your dog(s) and the group as a whole to adjust to each other so that fun is had by all! 

Additional Services

While your dog is staying with us, why not give them a little extra pampering!

$5   Nail Trimming

$5   Brushing

$10 Bath

We also provide extra treats!

$5 Kong/each provided mid day.

The Kongs will be filled with fruits, vegetables, peanutbutter, or cheese. During the summer they will also be frozen with water to provide our furry friends with a nice refreshing treat!

Want a different type of treat? Just ask!