Our Staff

Derik Barclay


I have had a passion for dogs for nearly 20 years now. During that time I have spent every evening and weekend learning all I could about dog behaviour, training, and care. I have worked with many trainers as both a peer, and student; and studied all I could. I have K9 First Aid training, as well as dog handling courses, and training of all types. Over that time I have also developed my own training methods centred around manors.

I am constantly learning and looking for new techniques and ideas, in order to provide the best possible service for my clients.



Atlas ia a 9yo purebred GSD, he is very much a gentle giant! He is a certified therapy dog with Therapeutic Paws of Canada. As the business has progressed he has assumed the role of "alpha". If any dogs are causing issues, he tends to intervene and defuse the situation.



Autumn is a 6yo purebred GSD. She is an ex-show dog, and my partner in Agility. She is both incredibly energetic, and calm, quiet, and sweet. Her best skill is in welcoming, communicating with, and playing with any dog.



Dave is the latest addition to our family. He is a 2yo Jack Russell, and quite a little brat! He is not very typical for a Jack! He is quite quiet, and completely fearless and welcoming of other dogs, regardless of their size! He tends to be our guests favourite playmate.