A bit about me and the classes


Dog training and behaviour has been a passion of mine for about 20 years now; Ever since I got my first "problem dog". I progressed from training my own dogs, to helping family and friends, to eventually working with a group that helped anybody rehabilitate traumatized dogs.

My "style" would best be described as balanced. Essentially, I learn every style I can find, take the best, and either adapt or drop the rest. I have also developed a few of my own over the years.

What to bring to class?

  • A 5-6' fixed length leash. Sorry, no flexes. Eventually you will also need a 10-15' lead.
  • A flat or martingale collar.
  • Tons of treats!!!

For treats I highly recommend Zukes. They are small, and moist; which is ideal for training. For the budget minded, you can also buy a tube of rollover, and cut it into bite sized chunks.

A few requests.

  • Bring your dogs hungry
  • not exhausted
  • Make sure they do their business before entering the class.
  • The dogs are not to meet until after class or unless instructed.

Group Training Classes

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